what is metaphysics

What is metaphysics?

What is metaphysics?

The discipline  of philosophy that analyses the principal causes and nature of being, existence, or reality as well as the abstract theories of being, existence, the origin, evolution or the subsequent destiny of the universe and what is beyond it. It makes up the fundament that our perceptions are based on making our way of comprehending the world relevant. Metaphysics is that division of philosophical study that transcends physics and also considered ‘first philosophy’ as per Aristotle; so it could be prevailed that metaphysics actually comprises the basis for every other philosophical studies and how the consequential perception is implemented in our lives.

what is metaphysics

Since it’s all about understanding and inquiring how and why things in this vast universe occur the way they do outside of the objective world. All of these thoughts and curiosities root from our mind that is in constant working state allowing us to come across these thoughts and questions of our existence, nature of being or reality which metaphysics is all about.

Branches of Metaphysics:

There are several branches of metaphysics even though according to Aristotle it could be divided into three fundaments:

Ontology: The section of metaphysics whose study is concerned with nature of being, realm of reality or essences of existence.

Natural Theology: Study of the acknowledgement of God’s existence whose basis are the philosophical theories, analysis and experience deprived of divine revelation.

Universal Science: Study that deals with the emphasis on first causes of everything, emerging and being in state with everything.

Importance of metaphysics in our lives:

Metaphysics forms the basis of the answers to our questions of how and why things are being a certain way and it helps us to resolve our thoughts on various concerns of the existence of everything that exists on the universe and beyond. Man could referred to as a metaphysical animal, having capabilities of conceptualizing through logic and reasons and looking past the empirical and relative to the absolute.

Once the fact is encompassed humans are not completely and solely material, and that they are also comprised of immaterial element, man’s impulse for going beyond humanly life and thriving toward the immaterial realm would be decipherable.

The principles and laws of science would remain unclarified and irrational without Metaphysics as it assists in developing ideas, logic and theories that aids in forming the principles or foundation science is based on. It is thus the motive of metaphysics to manifest the validity of science. And not just science, relevance of metaphysics has overwhelming contribution in other disciplines of study, hence just like every other realm of study bears the metaphysical significances; Metaphysics can never be done without human endeavors.

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