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Simple definition of technology |Types and uses

Definition of Technology?

Technology is formulated to be the utilization of the aggregate of scientific knowledge for implementation or non- theoretical motives; that facilitates the operations and interactions both in our daily lives and industries. The simple definition of technology would be something that comes to our usage in our day-to-day lives; so its conception could be perceived differently by each individuals.

Unambiguously, it could be referred to as products or techniques that make our lives simpler. Technologies could be either eminently simple or extensively complicated starting from the origination of simplest technology like the wheel or hunting tools made of stones by our ancestors till the latest  advanced technology like computers, industrial machines, satellites etc. .

Technology plays a considerable role in bringing about transformations and ameliorations in human lives and their environment which is being put under use to innovatively create strategies, products, machineries, or services to progress toward the zenith of technological advancement. Since a technological is not just an alteration to human lives but also alteration to its surroundings; so all the things around us that we see or use in our daily lives are the consequences of the distinct technological breakthroughs over the ages.

Modern Sciences and Technology:

In this era of technological advancement, we have become greatly reliant on technology for the operations in our everyday lives; be it for a miniscule chore or substantial task. Technologies we prefer to use are based on the tasks we perform. Think about the fresh orange juice that your mom serves you at the breakfast table which was made quickly when she used a juicer or how about the vacuum cleaner she uses to aid in her regular household chore to ease her from longer hours of cleaning with bare hands. It’s those demands or needs of ours that led us to devise technologies using the scientific ideas and assumptions. But it’s crucial to acknowledge that technology and sciences works concurrently to manage tasks solutions to problems in spite of being two different entities. Even though we evolve through science and technology being the utilization of the scientific knowledge practically; technological advancements can actually be used to elevate our scientific knowledge.

The association between the realms of science and technology has never been recognized to be plausible as a consequence of the dynamic nature of the contemporary society. Their relationship ordinarily seems to be in taut and complicated mainly because of the varying nature of their purposes, strategies of perceiving, and understanding the world.

definition of technology

Types of Technology:

Technology is an entity that indulges tools, materials and techniques. And we apply it in our daily lives to carry out different forms of tasks which involves using distinct forms of technologies which simply suggests that technology can of different types. Thus,making the  the definition of technology more understandable.

Mechanical Technology: that importantly contributes in aiding to run the most compound global systems evenly; so that we could be at ease with whatever tasks we accomplish ranging from the simplest to the most complex ones. Without mechanical, manufacturing and significant assurance from the technicians and engineers, it wouldn’t have been possible for us to implement, scrutinize or develop technologies we are dependent in our day-to-day life.

Electronic Technology: This could be referred to as the most accustomed technology of the modern Sciences and technologies; using the principle which involves the development and implementation of electric circuits as the basis in its systems. Most common examples include TVs, washing machines, and other electrical appliances and so on. So the fundament suggests that electronics are those that runs on electricity.

Technology can be categorized in many other variants:

Industrial and Manufacturing Technology: Technology that aims to manufacture products extensively for business purposes assisting in the occurrence of trade having zero interactions with customers during the process. For example, in the automobile industry, cars are manufactured by the Opera of mechanical robots. In the food industry, high-automatized machineries for producing and packaging vast amounts of different food items are used.

Information Technology: It deals with the criteria of storing, recovering and transmitting information’s using computerized and telecommunication systems and its biggest trial being the security issue. The information and communication technology has made great contributions to the globalization. For example, Social networking platforms keep people connected from one end of the world to another easily. Faster and reliable  sources of communication has made it easier for businesses to grow and serve their customers efficiently and effectively applying the strategy of marketing maxim Trade is made simpler, easier and possible without buyers and sellers meeting up.

Medical Technology: This technology is submerged in the analysis of how human lives could be made better and how life expectancy could be extended. Medical Technology involves effective management of health-care systems to provide people with the best forms of treatment, diagnosing and preventing diseases so that they have improved health and greater life expectancy. Examples of medical technology includes, RI scanners that exploits the usage of strong magnetic fields and radio waves to construct comprehensive imagery of the inside of the body. Endoscopes, which is based on the scientific law of total internal reflection in optical fibers and so on; to analyze the interior of any hollow organ or cavity of the body.

Astronomical Technology: The technology that’s solely responsible for providing the astronomers with tools necessary for their study of the universe, space and other celestial bodies. Had it been technology wasn’t progressing at such an accelerating rate, there wouldn’t be much significant advances in the field of astronomy. We wouldn’t be aware of our universe, what’s going on with and what’s caused it, other celestial bodies and how it might affect our universe. For example, Telescope is an instrument that assists in observing the remote objects by collecting and analyzing the electromagnetic waves radiated by them. Space crafts are the vehicles which could be used for travelling the space. Artificial satellites are the objects artificially placed in the Earth’s orbit to observe, inspect and transmit signals depending on the purposes of the satellites.

In Impacts of Technology in Our Lives:

The definition of Technology becomes explicit when explained in terms of examples.There wouldn’t be a single household in the modern society where technology has lagged behind to play its significant role. There wouldn’t be much requirements to certify that individuals are gradually becoming reliant on high-technology. Initiating from a kid to an adult, almost every aged individual has something to do with technology. A kid riding a bicycle, a teenager having a smart phones, labors working in the factory, old aged individuals using the hearing aids are some common examples to show the relation of life of almost every individuals and technology. It could be said that we humans could elevate ourselves to the best and it’s us, who could hamper our lives and even bring about a fatal end i.e. death if misused. Different industrial operation require factories to run which avails large scale production of goods or services for businesses to trade in with  customers providing them with products they demand.

One the other hand it’s those same factories which pollutes the environment could be air pollution by toxic smokes or chemical substances discharged by the factories pollutes the environment and results in water pollution destroying the habitats of aquatic plants and animals causing an imbalance to the environment. It utilizes our time by simplifying our tasks and reducing the time required for particular tasks. But it’s got its own drawbacks which make us lethargic and over dependent that we would prefer technology even if it’s just a small work.

Our thirst to technologically advance has led us to cut down trees innumerably resulting in deforestation and immeasurable quantity of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. The combustion of fossil fuels for also gives off this toxic gas; and as they are non-renewable sources of energy, once they run out there’d be no other ways for us to retrieve them. Different researches and experiments concerning the unifying of chemical compounds in the laboratory has also proposed to be contributing immensely in destructing our environment. All of these human activities are considerably playing a role in promoting global warming, climate change, acidic rain, and ruination of the Ozone layer and so on.

The exploitation of technology didn’t remain confined to that only; it significantly altered the whole picture of modern warfare’s. Devising eminently lethal machines and deadly weapons (including the nuclear which possesses demolishing capabilities from nuclear fissions).

Even though the setbacks of technology is enormous but it still doesn’t outweigh the positive effects it has on our lives and the environment. For it has transitioned our life styles by simplifying the complexities of our lives allowing us an elevated standards of living and healthy lives. So if utilized for the welfare of human beings and the betterment of technological advances to aid humans extensively; technology wouldn’t considered to be a massive threat rather could be called a blessing.

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