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Simple Definition of Health by WHO

Simple definition of health:

Health is a state in biological systems to be conserved; preserving the physical, mental and social conditions of individuals which are concurrent. It could also be the fact how effectively individuals cope up within themselves to get the best of life and with their environment .So the definition of health doesn’t necessarily states the condition of being entirely shielded from every sorts of impairment or malady. Had it been the case, any impairment would propose a particular person to be unhealthy .

A disabled person like an individual blind by birth who has no other complications internally while dealing in their daily life or their environment would be considered unwell and deprived of good health. Human health is no different from the health of the whole global biodiversity. Humans, animals, plants and their surrounding environment is interconnected to one another; so any imbalance on the health of their environment would have a negative impact in their health accordingly. The living matters are greatly reliant on the insentient matters of the Earth including the Earth itself. So it’s no wonder how the health of Earth is considerable to our health.

Modern Sciences and our Health:

It is the genesis of the scientific knowledge and the advances afterwards that profoundly contributes in our understanding of these above-mentioned facts; how and why they affect our health or we affect our nature’s well-being the way we do. Science has bestowed on us incredible comprehension of well-being; that now with advanced scientific knowledge and technological progress not only we can trace ill health but also the pathological and other reasons behind it and how could the affected one be rehabilitated. It is that very purpose why health-care services exist to provide us with treatments and curatives. A more apparent perspective of what health is might allow us to surpass those convolutions of illnesses by providing a clearer picture of how the health could be maintained at its optimum level.

What is WHO and what is health according to WHO:

WHO( World Health Organization) is one of the agencies of United Nations concentrating on the global public health being organized on the 7th of April,1948 centered at Geneva, in Switzerland. WHO was preceded as the Health Organization, which was one of the agencies of League Nations (now UN).

Simple definition of Health by WHO implies to be the maintenance of well-being of physical, mental and social conditions fully and which doesn’t just count the absenteeism of diseases.

“Health is wealth” and the bases of it:

Health is not confined to how well do we look from outside or how beautiful we are being; neither does our health at any particular time could be evaluated by some medical reports. Often the conception of health is misconceived by many of us which leads to one’s physical ability or appearance to be pertained to health which is mostly not the case; as a natural defect cannot mean an individual is unhealthy. Our health is the basis of our life and the equilibrium of physical, mental, social and spiritual state is the basis of our health which simplifies the definition of health.

Physical health: Refers to the ability of biological systems to auto-modulate and conserve its stability to be working at its optimum .Any functional disability inside the systems could manifest externally.

Mental health: Is concerned with the sound state of the mind and emotional stability of how well is one’s cognition to deal with stress, happiness, and so on.

Social health: Proposes to be the measure of how an individual manages to tackle people and their mentality and also assess how receptive and forbearing one acts with people of varying personalities and who are dissimilar to them.

Spiritual health: The functionality of one’s conscience and how their ethics and values affects the way they lead their life.

Each of these factors are as important as the other since when one of them falls; other descends to deterioration automatically. So, to be healthy we should maintain a balanced lifestyle balancing all these fundaments of health and have a more in-depth idea about the definition of Health.




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