definition of biology

Definition of Biology and its Branches

Definition of Biology?

Biology implies to be the scientific study of nature which concerns itself with life and living organisms. Having originated from the Greek words   /bios/ and /logos/ which means life and study respectively; straightforwardly suggests that it regards to the study of life ;not only constituted of life but also life structure, growth , function, evolution, genesis and scientific classification of living things. Elements of biological study vary from the molecular mechanism in cells to the categorization and behavioral characteristics of organisms, the development of species and the interaction between ecosystems which explicates the definition of Biology pretty well.

definition of biology

The synthesized concepts that comprise the fundament of modern Biology:


Cell theory: cell is the basis of life and considered to be the basic unit that every living   things are made up of; referring to the fact that living organisms maybe unicellular or multicellular.

Evolution: It regards to the transformational characteristics of heredity of the biologic inhabitants over sequential generations.

Genetics: It refers to the study of genes and its variants i.e. genes are known to be the basic module of heredity.

 Homeostasis: the inclination of biological systems to auto-modulate and conserve its stability while regulating the optimum state for sustenance.      

The definition of biology becomes more apparent if these fundaments are analyzed and understood.

The Branches of Biology:

The science itself is an extensive pool of knowledge contrary to that biology is just a segment of it. Even though it’s just a portion of science; there are various fields pertained to biology:

Biochemistry: It’s pretty much understandable from the name since it relates biology and Chemistry into biological chemistry; it’s the study of chemical substances and indispensable processes going on in the living organisms.

Botany: The specialization in the science of plant biology (their structure, properties, occurrence of biochemical processes and tax ology)

Cellular Biology: Segment of biology that regards to the study of cell, its mechanism, different structures, and function believing it to be the main and basic unit of life.

Ecology: The branch of Biology that studies the interconnection between living organisms themselves and their environment of how they influence one another.

Physiology: This section of Biology is concerned with the study of life or living matters inclusive of the physical and chemical explication pertaining to it.

Zoology: The branch whose basis is the study regarding the animal kingdom, and its structural analysis, embryology, evolution, habits and taxonomy.

Geology: It deals with the study of the interactions of Earth and its hydrosphere and atmosphere with the prodigious miscellany of life forms; their development and Interdependence and interconnection over the entire history of Earth.

The Importance of studying Biology:

Having established on the functionality and fundamentals of life as the definition of Biology suggests, our living is greatly assisted by it. It provides us with vital rationales to study acknowledging the concern of biology being life; and living organisms including the plant and animal kingdom. For example, had it been the scientists didn’t study the Biology of plants ;it wouldn’t have been possible for us to discover what plants has to offer us; what vegetables or fruits are suitable as curatives for the human body to regulate properly and the knowledge  of nutritional values  and other essentials of plants. And also the principal Of how humans and plants are correlated by the fact of how we survive by inhaling Oxygen exhaled by plants and how their sustenance rely  on us when we give off Carbon dioxide. If it weren’t for scientists to study about animals we wouldn’t know about the life of animals, how they should be taken care of and confront when it proposes to be something useful or life threatening. Learning about biology unleashes how life counts in interactions at all the levels; the Correlation of cells with environment and with one another as well as organs, organisms and the ecosystem. No living organisms could sustain all by itself segregating from its environment. So even though it’s not really easy to ace it through; enthusiasm to study it could help to go a long way.

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